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How to Get Rid of Car Battery Corrosion

How to Get Rid of Car Battery Corrosion

Corrosion is the number one cause of poor auto battery life and performance. When this stuff builds on our battery connection points, they can put a stop to your easy startups. Fortunately, car battery corrosion is easy to detect and clean.    Battery corrosion is a chemical leak build-up from your vehicle's battery. It tends to collect on the terminals, posts, and cables. While corrosion is bound to happen when a battery gets old, you need to clean it off to keep extending your battery life.    Luckily, we’ve laid out the process in six simple steps: Disconnect the battery cables - The last thing you want to happen is for you to get electrocuted in the process of cleaning. Make sure you remove the negative cable first. Check for signs of damage - If you notice that the cables are frayed or the battery case is cracked or swollen, then you shouldn’t have to check. You’re due for a new car battery ASAP. Clean off the corrosion - If your ca ... read more

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