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Road Trip Games That Aren't Boring

Road Trip Games That Aren't Boring

Road trips can be very fun and exciting (yes, we're referring to the journey to get to your destination). To make your next road trip more enjoyable, we propose the idea of playing games with your fellow road passengers. Road trip games can make the ride more entertaining, and it'll make the time breeze by. Here are some of our favorite road trip games! License Plate Game The License Plate Games is a classic game where you try to spot license plates from all 50 states. Keep a list of the states you've seen and see how many you can cross off by the end of your trip. I Spy Another classic game that can be played with people of all ages. Take turns choosing an object within sight and giving the famous "I spy" clue. Example: "I spy with my little eye something green." 20 Questions One player thinks of a random object, and the other players take turns asking yes or no questions to try to determine what it is. The game ends when someone correctly guesses ... read more

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