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Which Car Colors Stay Cooler in Hot Weather?

Which Car Colors Stay Cooler in Hot Weather?

Have you ever stepped into a car on a sweltering summer day and felt like you were walking into an oven? The color of your car can significantly impact how hot it gets in the sun. If you're curious about which car colors stay cooler in hot weather and why, you're in the right place. Let's explore the science behind car colors and heat absorption and find out which hues can help you stay cool on those scorching days. Heat Absorption and Color Darker colors absorb more light and, consequently, more heat, while lighter colors reflect most of the light and heat away. This basic principle is why wearing a black shirt on a sunny day feels much hotter than wearing a white one. The Coolest Car Colors in Hot Weather When it comes to keeping your car cooler in hot weather, the general rule is that lighter colors are better. Let's break down some of the top choices. 1. White White is one of the best colors for reflecting sunl ... read more

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