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What Is A Carburetor & How Do I Maintain It?

What Is A Carburetor & How Do I Maintain It?

Have you ever wondered how your car's engine transforms fuel into power? Enter the carburetor, a vital yet often overlooked component in traditional internal combustion engines.  What is a Carburetor? A carburetor is a mechanical device found in older gasoline-powered vehicles that mixes air and fuel in the correct ratio for combustion in the engine. Acting as the "lungs" of your vehicle, the carburetor delivers this combustible mixture to the engine cylinders, where it's ignited to produce power. How Does a Carburetor Work? When you press down on the accelerator pedal, it opens a valve in the carburetor, allowing air to flow into the engine. Simultaneously, the carburetor meters the appropriate amount of fuel from the fuel reservoir and mixes it with the incoming air, creating a highly combustible mixture known as the air ... read more

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