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Smells Like Car Trouble

Smells Like Car Trouble

Usually, when your nose detects an odd smell in your car, it means there's something wrong. Some scents may be so alarming that they require immediate action, while others can be minor problems. Nevertheless, it would be best if you never overlooked any weird odor that your car may give off. Instead, we highly advise that you get professional help to diagnose your auto problem. Below is a quick guide on the most common car smells and what kind of automotive problem it relates to. Sweetness/Maple Syrup - If your automobile smells sugary like maple syrup, then we have unfortunate news for you. A sweet-smelling scent signals a coolant leak within your cooling system. Depending on the severity of the leak, your car could overheat. Please rush to a mechanic immediately. Gasoline - The smell of gas usually means there's a fuel leak. Most of the time, it's related to your fuel injector line or the fuel tank. A professional tech can inspect and trace the leak to its exact locatio ... read more

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