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Items to Include In Every Emergency Car Kit

Items to Include In Every Emergency Car Kit

With many of you going on road trips this summer, it is important that you pack an emergency kit with you for the ride. Breakdowns and accidents can sometimes be preventable, but some can’t. Here are some items to have on hand if you are in an inconvenient predicament: First Aid Kit A first aid kit is essential to keep in your car at all times. From antibiotics, ointment, band-aids, to blood stopper compress and painkillers, you should keep a mini medicine cabinet in your car for emergencies. A first aid kit can help minor to moderate pain go away. Jumper Cables or Jump Pack A dead battery can surprise you at any moment. When you have an electrical problem, jumper cables can come in handy to get your engine up and running again. Multipurpose Utility Tool A multipurpose tool is exactly what it sounds like – you can use it in many ways. When you have a small repair or adjustment to make, this tool will be there to help. Spare Tire, Jack, and Wheel Wrench Flat tires ar ... read more

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