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What Does My Tire Tread Pattern Mean?

What Does My Tire Tread Pattern Mean?

We've all experienced the frustration of driving in a car that won't go any faster than 3 miles/hour, so your car shakes as you plow through the potholes. Eventually, after years of dents, scratches, and broken bits, you buy a new set of tires. Your tire tread tells how your car tires are holding up. If you notice that your tire wears on the edges, center, or outer sides, you should somehow correct them. You should inspect your tires frequently to see any problems and establish whether they require service. Here is a quick guide on the most common types of tire wear patterns to assist you in interpreting your tire tread. 1. Side Wear The sides of your tires look like they've been dragged on a cement floor. When you're driving, you may experience side-to-side vibration of your vehicle or hear squealing sounds while driving at high speeds. Cause: Consistently under-inflated tires or improper alignment can cause side wear. This problem is usually caused by the steerin ... read more

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